Angela's testimonials...

I really enjoy Angela’s Pilates class and look forward to coming each week. The new equipment is really benefiting me. The core stability ball is great, my stomach feels like it has worked hard the next day. I also enjoy the Pilates circle work and the foam rollers. I have to say as a teacher, Angela is the best. She is always in a good mood and we have a laugh too. I go home feeling like I have done some good work. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to do a Pilates class. I am sure that anyone new joining the class will enjoy it as much as I do. 

Pat Harkins 

Angela is a very knowledgeable and welcoming Pilates instructor.  She is dedicated to giving the best possible work out to her clients, tailoring sessions based on their requests, whilst assessing the needs of their bodies and abilities offering alternative options. Pilates is Angela’s passion and she is constantly thinking outside the box to keep clients engaged and excited about their workouts.  She provides a variety of equipment to work with and I constantly feel like I am learning something new. One of my favourite hours of the week! 

Trish Johnson

I have been attending Angela's Friday morning class for seven years so I think you could say that I like it!  Angela is very friendly and welcoming.  The class is suitable for all ages and abilities because she always gives you a choice of levels for each exercise. There is also a range of training aids so we never get bored! It is a great way to keep fit and have fun.

Pam Ellingford

My favourite days of the week are the days I go to Angela Gill’s Pilates!  Angela is professional, friendly, and encourages people to work to their own level, which all makes for a balanced class.  The sessions are always different – sometimes with balls, bands, foam rollers or just matwork – always interesting and often humorous! Since attending Angela’s Pilates classes I have found myself feeling better inside and out.  Her knowledge of the activity and general physiology is an asset to my general feeling of wellbeing. I wish every day was an Angela Gill Pilates day!

Jacqui Best

I have attended classes run by Angela for many years and I would recommend to everyone, any age and any fitness level.  It is an excellent way to strengthen and tone core muscles and to improve flexibility. The classes are fun, the atmosphere is friendly and Angela gives great encouragement to those taking part. Her teaching style is professional but relaxed. The use of different equipment, foam rollers, soft balls, resistance rings, weights or bands, makes each session varied, interesting and challenging.  Every exercise can be undertaken at various levels to suit individual needs.

Liz Knowlden

Pilates with Angela has helped me to keep my body moving.  I have a frozen shoulder and arthritis in all of my joints.  The classes are a great help to me and I enjoy every class.

Patricia Larner